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Many families face the difficulty and heartbreak of adolescent and young adult substance abuse. The Seven Challenges® program is designed specifically for adolescents and young adults with substance abuse problems, to motivate a decision and commitment to change - and to support success in working with youth and young adults.

seven challenges logoTo succeed in working with youth, The Seven Challenges® places a special emphasis on creating a climate of mutual respect within which individuals can talk openly and honestly about themselves. We engage young people in actively thinking about their use of alcohol or other drugs, and its effect upon their lives.

Working through The Seven Challenges® helps them understand what needs they are meeting by using drugs, what harm they are causing, what risks they are taking, and what it entails to make changes. We raise consciousness, inspire hope, and motivate informed, internally driven, sincere decisions to change. Once such decisions are made, we teach the tools and provide the support that ensures success.

The Seven Challenges®

  • Is developmentally appropriate for ages 13-24
  • Addresses co-occurring problems
  • Offers cultural sensitivity
  • Is evidence based

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BHSA Can Help

The trained therapists of BHSA can help you or a loved one gain control and power over alcohol and drug problems/addiction. In addition to working with youth, BHSA also has trained therapists who see adult clients, and together, they work on substance abuse treatment in a compassionate and caring environment.

If you or someone you know has drug or alcohol problems or is dealing with addiction, don’t suffer any longer and don’t feel like you are on your own. Treatment is available and we're here to help. Call 501-954-7470 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment with one of our professional therapists.

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